Our Competences


The Company, through its highly skilled engineering staff, has the capability to design and develop products based on client specific needs being able to perform the following activities:

  • Electronic circuit design (both analog and digital)
  • Software and Firmware development (on SITEP’s hardware or on COTS platforms)
  • Mechanical design (Solid modeler aided)
  • System integration (SITEP has the experience and skills to act as system integrator)

All the activities are performed with high quality standards by using the most modern facilities and development tools.


The manufacturing department of Sitep Australia has the capability of manufacturing equipment or parts assuring the highest standard.

Sitep Australia has the necessary facilities to perform a complete test on their products.


The company can offer the following services to its clients both in Australia and abroad:

  • Installation
  • Set to work
  • Acceptance tests (harbour and sea)
  • Field assistance (performed by Sitep Australia staff of by local authorised repair agents)
  • Through life assistance (availability of parts of the products is assured for the operative life)


The Company, through its skilled engineering staff, designs and develops the integrated  logistic support as part of the prime project ,  ensuring the best supportability of the system during the complete operative life.

Main logistic activities:

  • RAM, T analysis
  • FMECA, RCM, LCC, LORA, PHST  analysis
  • LSA  analysis performing a related “logistic data base”
  • Use-Study&Maintenance-Plan set up, in accordance with users requirements
  • Spares&tools proposals in accordance with users requirements or scenarios
  • FRACAS, collecting failure reporting data
  • Logistic Configuration Management during the complete operative life
  • Manuals, Catalogues, Logistic Documents
  • Training courses
  • Follow on support