Automatic TVSAT Tracking System

The Satellite TV Terminal OE-271(V) has been expressly designed for use on board ships.
It allows the reception of the TV programs from satellites during navigation as well as the meteorological data.

Thanks to the new technology and to an accurate design, the terminal can assure great performances and an extremely high reliability in every condition of operation.
The Sat TV Terminal OE-271(V)2 is composed of two main parts:

  • The Antenna Assembly AS-271(V).
  • The Antenna Control Unit C-271(V)2.

The pedestal, stabilized on three axes, is able to compensate the platform movement encountered during navigation maintaining the antenna pointed to the selected satellite.
Two accelerometer devices part of the pedestal electronics detect the roll and pitch movement of the ship and allow them to compensate.

The system operates in Ku band and various sizes of antenna dishes are available starting from 80 cm up to 130 cm.

TV SAT Antenna