The MILSATCOM Antenna System OE-187(V)CP has the same functional characteristic of the traditional OE- 187(V) system with a smaller and lighter above deck equipment.

This allows the system to be also used on small vessels where the traditional one can result in too cumbersome and too space consuming.

Furthermore the system is based on completely different mechanisms that allow the continuous pointing of the antenna and avoid keyholes and the zenith.

Similarly to the traditional version, the system is available in three configurations to fulfil every need.

  • Basic version: Single Antenna, Single full Duplex Channel.
    Particularly used in small ships where the superstructures usually does not fall between the antenna and the satellite
  • Standard Version: Double Antennas (usually port and STBD installed) a single full Duplex channel.
    It has the capability to switch-over from one antenna to the other when the ship’s superstructures fall between the antenna end the satellite so as assuring 360° coverage.
  • Enhanced Version: Double Antennas (usually port and STBD installed) three full Duplex channels Dual look Capability.
    It is used when, in addition to the features of the standard system it is required the possibility to communicate contemporaneously with two satellite by using up to three full duplex channels.

UHF Milsatcom Antenna