The meteorological system is based on the solid state wind sensor ML-7327(V) able to provide accurate wind speed and direction measurement over a wide measuring range.

The sensor, designed in accordance with the most severe environmental requirements and meeting the MIL standards, is also available in the meteorological version – ML-7327(V)MET/RH.

The ML-7327(V)MET/RH sensor is a single unit meteorological station which includes, in a single unit, the sensors for the measure of wind speed and direction, air temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity.
Such data are provided in output in a single package on a serial digital line.

Wind and meteorological data measured by the sensor are processed by the Wind computer and made available in output in a wide range of formats.

  • Best Wind Sensor Selection
    In case of use of two sensor, the capability to automatically or manually select the windward sensor.
  • True wind calculation
    Based on Speed Log data and Heading data, the system automatically calculates the True Wind Data (referred to the Geographical North).
  • Data display
    is provided by means of suitable indicators multifunction type (a single indicator provides the display of multiple data on different selectable color pages).